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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 31

With Turcotte and Magnotta in the spotlight we should all have an understanding of ‘not criminally responsible’.

Prominent ‘not criminally responsible’ cases not part of trend: experts

Vincent Li, Trevor Kloschinsky, Christopher Husbands, Guy Turcotte and Luka Magnotta are at the centre of some of the most horrific crimes in Canada.

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Slim’s Criminal Law Update Dec 30

On a lighter note.

Top 10 worst 911 calls for 2013

The largest 911 call centre in B.C. has released its annual list of the top 10 worst reasons to call the emergency number.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 29

2015 promises to be a violent year as far as organized crime is concerned.

Mob vendetta spree expected to continue in new year

TORONTO – There’s a lull in the Mob war between Montreal’s Rizzuto crime family and those who sought to overthrow it.

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Slim’s top 10 ‘must knows’ about drinking and driving for the 2014 holiday season

Here are your Top 10 ‘must knows’ about drinking and driving for the 2014 holiday season:

  • An average male (160 lbs) eliminates about 1 drink per 1.5hr.
  • A 160 lbs man can have three drinks remaining in their system to be under the legal limit.
  • Safe drinking formula for 160lbs man: Estimate of max drinks = # of hours/1.5 +3
  • If you sleep in your car drunk, you can be charged with Impaired Driving.
  • If you decide to sleep in your car, you are better off sleeping in the back seat (or even better the trunk!!!).
  • A conviction for drinking and driving results in a minimum $1000 fine, a 1 year license suspension, and a criminal record.
  • Refusing to take a breathalyser, without a valid reason, is a criminal offense.
  • In refusing a breathalyser it may be inferred that your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit and results in a minimum $1000 fine, a 3 year license suspension, and a criminal record.
  • It is illegal to drink an alcoholic beverage in a car (or while riding a bicycle).
  • If you think you drank too much, you did – don’t drive.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 28

Twenty first century policing.

Police body-cameras can prevent unacceptable use-of-force: report

British researchers say they are replicating a landmark crime experiment involving police body-cameras with over 30 forces across the world.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 27

Victims of crime – how are they protected

Protecting victims of crime — by ignoring them

It’s time to have an adult conversation about criminal law policy.  That’s hard to do when the federal government insists on sitting at the kids’ table.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 26

A 21st century assault

Il menace le personnel infirmier avec des seringues souillées

SHERBROOKE – Un homme a créé une commotion à l’urgence du CHUS Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke, le week-end dernier, menaçant de s’attaquer au personnel avec des seringues souillées.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 25

Revenge porn, a Canadian perspective

Revenge porn: one woman’s story

A Central Okanagan woman is sharing her story about being the victim of revenge porn, alleging her ex-fiance posted sexual photos of her online without her permission after their break-up.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 24

Gift cards and money laundering,

Not just a stocking stuffer: Gift cards a money-laundering loophole

To most, gift cards are an increasingly common stocking stuffer, on which Canadians spend an estimated $6-billion a year. But to organized crime, they are also an inviting loophole to launder money.

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Slim’s Criminal Law News Dec 23

And the Jury has spoken.

Luka Magnotta is convicted of first-degree murder

Luka Rocco Magnotta is guilty of first-degree murder in the shocking 2012 killing and dismemberment of Chinese exchange student Jun Lin.

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